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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.


The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.



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6 reasons to buy a Town & City Gift Card for your staff this Christmas

Christmas is traditionally the time to say thank you to staff for their hard work throughout the year. But before you go for the online option, have you thought about supporting local with your staff rewards and incentives? Here are 6 reasons you should choose your local Town & City Gift Card to reward your staff for Christmas 2021

1. Town & City Gift Cards help employees to support local businesses.

One of the positives that has come out of the pandemic is the increasing awareness and understanding that we have to support local businesses, for the future health and vibrancy of the places where we live. 34.3% of consumers purchasing a gift card in September 2021 did so to support local businesses and/or their local high street, suggests Gift Card & Voucher Association data. This is the highest level since May 2020, when tracking began. Town & City Gift Cards can be spent with multiple businesses in a

2. Staff love gift cards.

Gift cards consistently top employee incentive wish lists, and over recent times, they’ve become even more popular. The Incentive Research Foundation’s November 2020 Reward Preferences report found that gift cards were in the top tier of rewards that employees want, and the only tangible gift with a cash value, sitting right up there with flexible
working. Multi business gift cards like Town & City Gift Cards are also rising in popularity, to over 40% of all gift cards purchased in September 2021. Why
give staff a gift card for one store, when you can give them a gift card for lots of stores, restaurants, attractions and services all in one?

3. They’re great for staff motivation.

The IRF’s 2021 Trends Report found gift cards to be powerful staff motivators, especially during the pandemic. In fact, the IRF says the use of gift cards to incentivise staff increased by 26% since the beginning of the pandemic. This research was backed up by the GCVA in their 2021 State of the Nation Report, finding that corporate sales
was a growth area, with 20.6% of respondents receiving a gift card through a work reward programme. With a Town & City Gift Card you can say thank you
for your hard work, and give staff a motivational boost too.

4. Gift cards are tax free staff rewards.

The UK trivial benefits scheme enables organisations to give staff a tax-free non cash reward of up to £50,
whilst the Irish small benefit exemption scheme enables firms to give staff a tax-free non cash reward of up to €500. Gift cards make sense for employers
but local Town & City Gift Cards that support local businesses make even more sense.

5. Local gift cards contribute to vibrant local communities.

The area where your business is located is often where your employees live. Buying local Town & City Gift Cards for your staff allows you to play an active role in the economic success of the place where you operate. Vibrant, positive and successful local communities benefit everyone and Town & City Gift Cards
help you to keep money where it matters.

6. It’s an eco-friendly alternative.

Town & City Gift Cards encourage people to shop, dine and experience where they live, rather than travelling elsewhere, aligning with many company eco-initiatives such as the NHS Green Plan. And, don’t forget, if you purchase Town & City Gift Cards for your staff, they can also access our awesome Secret Santa competition. Our Secret Santa campaign allows staff to nominate a colleague for a chance to win a £250 Town & City Gift Card of their choice from the 60 plus programmes in the UK and Ireland, avoiding all that unnecessary waste from Secret Santa office present swapping.

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