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The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.


The purchase fee helps to cover the costs of using the digital payments infrastructure and ensures that we can continue to make the program free for businesses.



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Focus on: V&A Dundee

The Dundee Gift Card can be spent with over 100 shops, restaurants, leisure venues and attractions in the region, including V&A Dundee. Erin Thompson is passionate about celebrating and showcasing Scottish design and is the Retail Manager at V&A Dundee:

Tell us about V&A Dundee, what makes it special?

“There are so many things that make V&A Dundee special, from the architecture to the objects within, but most of all, I think it’s the people and the communities that act within and around V&A Dundee that allow us to truly succeed in our aims as Scotland’s Design Museum. We have a very passionate team who want to champion design in all forms and in all ways, and beyond that we’re very lucky to have such an exciting dynamic space in an amazing building that truly comes alive through visitors interacting with our installations and engaging with the wide range of activities that take place each day.”

Why did V&A Dundee join the Dundee Gift Card?

“We strongly believe in supporting local businesses and initiatives close to home here in Dundee, as well as further afield across Scotland and we’re lucky to have worked with a number of emerging and established designers from the local area in the short time we’ve had since opening in 2018. Joining the Dundee Gift Card, which obviously has many shared aims with promoting and supporting local businesses, seemed like the perfect fit for our ethos of forging partnerships and nurturing local design-led talent.”

What can people spend their Dundee Gift Card on at V&A Dundee? 

“Currently, Dundee Gift Card holders can use these great gift cards for both exhibition tickets and in the shop whether making purchases in the building or online. So currently, cardholders can use it to visit our Michael Clark: Cosmic Dancer exhibition or to spend in our shop on a variety of design related goodies, including artisan locally-made jewellery, our newly-stocked range of beautiful design magazines, or one of the many one-off pieces designed exclusively for us by Scottish designers such as Donna Wilson, KerrieALDO, Karen Mabon and more.”

Is there anything special coming up that might be of interest?

“We have the Michael Clark exhibition on until September 4, as well as a new free exhibition Sincerely Valentines opening on July 2. There is always lots going on, and visitors can check our What’s On page for details. In the shop we currently have a handful of wonderful exclusive products being worked on by some of our favourite designers – these are top secret at the moment, so watch this space!”

How can the Dundee Gift Card encourage new visits to Dundee?

“Encouraging tourism is incredibly important to us, which is another reason why teaming up with the Dundee Gift Card was such a great fit. Staycations numbers have risen dramatically over the past year, so it’s vital that visitors from near (and far) enjoy what Dundee has to offer in all ways, from tourist sites to incredible eateries to chic designers creating amazing products.”

Why do we need to support local, including our local culture venues? What difference does it make when people support local?

“When you shop local, you’re making a personal investment in your neighbourhood and community. It truly can make such a difference in the community if we all shop and support local. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy nationwide, but crucially are the cornerstones of our local communities. Our shop motto is: ‘Celebrating & showcasing Scottish design’, and we welcome everyone from local residents to day trippers to tourists to come to experience the artistry on display in many of the local businesses here as well as to support all of the hard work put into the local community.”