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'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring…because you’ve put on your favourite Christmas movie! Is it:

Love Actually

You adore ALL of this film but especially the bit where Jamie proposes to Aurelia on the restaurant balcony. For you, Christmas is all about the food and the people.

Polar Express

A mysterious train heading for the North Pole, and one young boy ready to have his faith in Christmas restored. The train journey of a lifetime!

The Grinch

What? You feel sorry for the Grinch, all he needs is a little love, and maybe a bit of pampering!


You like a good giggle at Christmas and Nativity delivers every time. It’s the next best thing to a trip to the theatre to see a real play.

Miracle on 34th Street

Nothing makes you feel more Christmassy than the thought of Christmas in New York. Snow, shopping and Santa, could there be a more perfect film?


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You’re 6 years old and writing your letter to Santa, what are you asking him for?

Mr Frosty!

All you wanted for Christmas was a little Mr Frosty snow cone maker so you could serve your family with cups of ice sloshed in e-numbers. And you never got one! *sobs dramatically*.

Tree house

For you, there was nothing more exciting than the thought of sleeping in your very own tree house.


At 6, your favourite things were being outdoors and active. And it’s pretty much the same today.

Theme park day

Fast rides, fast food and lots of fun. Even at 6, you knew exactly what you wanted.

Toy till

Plastic money burning a hole in your pocket, playing shop was your favourite pastime, you just needed a till to tot up those purchases.


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Carol singers at the door! They're singing your favourite Christmas tune. Is it

Mistletoe & Wine

You love the traditional things at Christmas, like good food, good wine and good company. Just like Cliff.

Last Christmas

What you wouldn’t give to have been on the trip to the Swiss Alps with Wham to create the video for Last Christmas! The 80s hairdos may have dated but this song definitely hasn’t.

Step into Christmas

Like Elton, you’re ready to step into Christmas like the superstar you are, groomed, glamorous and gorgeous.

Winter Wonderland

Christmas is your favourite time of year. Ice skating and hot chocolate beneath twinkly fairy lights, a festive carol concert in a beautiful cathedral, and experiencing how your town or city does Christmas.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s just not Christmas until Bing Crosby sings. It’s your cue to get shopping for those ‘toys in every store’.


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It’s your turn to choose what to do on Boxing Day. What do you pick?

Meal out

A lot of time and effort goes into creating the perfect Christmas dinner, so this boxing day, you’re treating yourself to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant. No washing up required!

Visiting family

Christmas means family, and you’re not letting this chance to see your nearest and dearest pass you by.

Pamper day

After all of the Christmas preparations, you deserve a bit of you-time, using up some of those bath bombs you had for Christmas.

Seeing a show

Oh, how you’ve missed the theatre! Whether a Christmas panto or a West End favourite, you can’t wait to be thoroughly entertained.

Trip into town

Yes, you know Christmas Day has been and gone, but this is about picking up some bargains for next year.


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What’s your favourite Christmas food? Sorry, you only get one!

Christmas dinner!

Turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, you’re ready for it all and more. And yes, you do have room for pudding.


A German Christmas in a single bite! Your tastebuds long to try new foods, part of your thirst for adventure and discovering new places.

Smoked salmon blinis

Delicious AND packed with Omega 3 to keep your brain healthy, just because it’s Christmas you don’t want to compromise on your wellbeing.

Mince pie

Preferably served with a warming glass of mulled wine at a Christmas market.

Chocolate log

You’ve hit the shops and sampled every Christmas log going, returning triumphantly with this chocolate beauty to grace your Christmas table. It was a hard job, but you were up for the challenge.